How will this benefit me?

The many benefits of Active Listening Support

You are the focus and have complete attention from somebody else, only interested in you

A feeling of being understood, validated, cared for and accepted



A relaxed, non-confrontational space

No judgements, opinions, interruptions or suggested fixes

Time to think through things that are happening or have happened that are causing you to feel unsettled, confused or anxious

A space where you matter, when you might feel isolated and overlooked

Release from anxiety, stress and tension in a gentle, safe environment

Help to articulate exactly what might be going on for you, to clear the mind and find pathways forward

Encouragement and Empowerment to move forward

Improved feelings of calm and peace that can help prevent anxieties building further

A change in perspective on your situation, giving you fresh clarity and more positivity

Renewed strength, energy and determination