What I Offer

Active Listening not Counselling

Active listening not counselling

My training is in Active Listening and pastoral care, not counselling.

I offer one-to-one active listening support sessions, and also listening sessions as mediation to help two people communicate more effectively or to help with conflict resolution.

As an Active Listener my way of working is to hold space for you, so that you are in control of this space.

I am not attempting to offer critique or fixes. I will listen, empathise and understand

What you choose to talk about and share is always up to you.

When you speak I will listen attentively to what you are saying, encourage you and reflect back what you say to give you time to hear and reflect on what you have shared.

I will never interrupt you.

I do not take notes, so each session stands alone.

I am not trying to get you to reach specific goals and I have no set expectations of you.

I will not delve into your life or ask difficult questions.

To benefit from Active Listening you do not need to have diagnosed mental health concerns (although you might have), just a desire to have time and space to process and think through your anxieties and pressures.

Why Active Listening might be more suitable for you than counselling

Active Listening can be used immediately at the point of need, before problems get too big which is why it is often not required long-term.

Active Listening is very gentle and person centered so only goes where you want to!

An Active Listener will not delve intrusively into your life story. You remain in control at all times.

Active Listening Support may be the only help you need.

Active Listening Support works in collaboration with other therapies, including many forms of counselling.