in the words of others

Becky Berry came to my aid when I desperately needed someone to talk to. I had felt so alone with my troubles and I found it so difficult to talk to anyone.


Becky actively listened, probed gently, she did not judge, she helped me form clarity of thought, see through the barbed wire of my mind to see a way forward. Tiny baby steps forward. Not scary. So supportive. Like a comfort blanket.


I would whole heartedly recommend Becky to anyone who needs to talk out their worries and anxieties. She helped me immensely.


“As the Social Prescriber at Grange Park Surgery in Burley in Wharfedale, I see many patients who, due to low mood and depression are unable to see steps forward. As we know our mental health services are particularly stretched following the pandemic and waiting lists for talking therapies can be very long for even low level support.

Myself and the Mental Health Coach Christine Bradley refer patients to Becky at the Listening Ear as an additional support to that delivered by ourselves and the wider NHS, as we recognise that talking is such an important part of improving and maintaining  positive mental health wellbeing. Many patients tell Christine and myself how difficult they find it to talk about their feelings to friends and family and as we know GP’s are often limited in the time they can offer for a  patient to talk  through quite difficult feelings and emotions.

The service that Christine and I offer provides that initial support in identifying what would help a patient with low mood and the Listening Ear takes up that need very effectively.

Patients have told us that they find this independent service invaluable as a safe, confidential, friendly space and have found Listeners provide them with a much needed support- helping to talk through their issues, problems and concerns and find solutions, set goals and improve their overall mental health wellbeing.

The Listeners are such an amazing, caring group of people- both  in 1:1 and group sessions such as the Wellbeing Hub and the service they offer greatly benefits the local community.”